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Beauty of the Modern Mermaid

Posted on July 19 2016

The beautiful long golden hair blowing in the ocean breeze, the idea of riding on a dolphin’s back to go anywhere in the entire world … go on, admit it. When you were a little girl you dreamt of being a mermaid.

Back in the days before computers, iPads and iPhones took over as the major form of entertainment, I remember my girl friends and I would take off to the swimming pool in the summer where I’d spend hours trying out my best “mermaid” moves. Could I keep my legs together, straight and poised enough so I could turn them into a tail? Could I flip up onto the side of the pool in one swift move, without breaking my feet apart? Was my hair long enough so that it would “float” in the water – and of course be 100% immaculate once I emerged.

Then at night I’d read a book about the beautiful mermaid Ariel, who only ever wanted to be a human. I could never understand why she would want legs when her tail (and life under the sea) was so glamorous! 

mermaid body

The beauty of mermaids is a part of every girl’s childhood.  Whether or not they are real remains debatable, but hundreds of years ago it was certainly believed to be true. There is a half-human half fish Greek God, a Babylonian deity and goddesses in Hinduism and Candomblé that are still worshipped to this day. Not to mention the hundreds of stories of sailors who fell in love with these elusive creatures while spending their days out on the water.  Maybe it was a case of spending too much time on the water, or maybe it’s all true.  Either way, legends were created, songs were sung and fairytales were written.

The idea of mermaids continues to intrigue us today, which is why we’ve included the beautiful Mermaid range to our jewelry collection. This collection is designed to hit straight into the imagination of the little girl that remains in you: the dreamer, the inspirer and the nature lover.

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It is designed to conjure up all the images portrayed in the fairytales and fables of the mermaid’s past: from the half moon shining on the turquoise water; to finding pearls amongst the shells. Imagine the mermaid exploring the coral playground (portrayed through the white opal earrings) and riding on a whale’s tail as she soars through the ocean.

Explore our Mermaid range to find some jewelry so you can enjoy that feeling over and over again.

Images : @gabsgetgnarly, @chelseasflowercrowns, @matttully, @jasmynelizadesigns, @inkawilliams and @glenkrohn

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