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The Best Beaches In The World

Posted on October 25 2017

For all you beach babes, mermaids and gypsy souls, we have searched the world high and low and compiled this list of ‘THE WORLD’s TOP 5 MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACHES’ just for you
The Maldives would have to be one of the most traveled to destinations when it comes escaping the hustle bustle of everyday life. Whether your traveling alone or on the trip with your friends and family members, visiting the Maldives will be a trip you will always remember. With an abundance of resorts that offer many ways to pamper yourself and the option to go swimming along side the marine life when ever you like. You will have an experience you will never forget! The resorts are breathtakingly beautiful and their services are amazing… Once you visit this place, you will be wanting to go back again and again.
The Best Beaches In The World. Maldives. Indie and Harper
For all those babes heading to the US make sure you pop a visit to Hawaii on that itinerary! One of the best of the best, is the Lanikai beach which is is located about half a mile away from Hawaii Centre. Being a beach lover, you cannot miss seeing this beach as it comes with the utmost amount of beauty and spark. The beach is surrounded by the greens and being a tropical area you will instantly feel relaxed. The resorts there are amazing and the palm trees surrounding the resorts make them look even better.
However this isn’t the only beach you should stop off at. Waipio Valley is another beauty; however it requires you to hike a bit to get to it!  In the end, its all totally worth it and you get the beautiful view of an amazingly beautiful beach.
The Best Beaches In The World - Hawaii. Indie and Harper
Lopes Mendes (Brazil)
Away from the desert, this beach makes you witness one of the most crystalized beaches in the world. One thing that sets this beach apart from the other ones is the fact that unlike other beaches, it doesn’t have any restaurants near it.So if you are that free spirited soul that loves to reconnect with there spiritual being than this is the place for you! If you are wanting to eat, you will have to drive a little! Staying on the beach will be a worthwhile experience as it is quite peaceful and not everyone can deal with not having everything at there doorstep.
The Best Beaches In The World. Lopes Mendes (Brazil). Indie and Harper
Puka beach
You cannot visit the Philippines without visiting the amazingly beautiful Puka beach. This beach is just five KMs away from Boracay and is a place where you can spend your days and nights in the most peaceful manner. The place is free of any kind of noise an disturbance and you will be able to assemble your thoughts in the best possible way. In addition to that, if you have a love for jewelry and shells, you will see unlimited stalls on this beach that will surely satisfy your shopping needs.
The Best Beaches In The World. Puka Beach. Indie and Harper
Byron Bay
With this being one of the most well know bohemian beaches in Australia, we had to have it on the list! And this place is so much more than just a beach destination… With its chilled out relaxed vibes, beautiful local organic produce in all of the local cafes to try, some of the most amazing bohemian shops to spend that hard earned $$$ in (Spell Designs, Arnhem to name just a few), this is THE place to be.  Spend your morning going for a stroll along the beach with a coffee or juice, then venture to one of the many cafes for the most delicious healthy breakfast.  Time for a swim in those blue waters followed by a spot of shopping.  This will keep you busy for some time so pick up some sushi or a quick bite while you are walking around.  Take all those bags back to your room and try to pick out some bohemian threads to wear before you head out for some evening drinks and dinner with friends.  Now go home and rest for a new day, or continue on with the locals until the wee hours.  Once you experience Byron Bay, you will never want to leave
The Best Beaches In The World - Byron Bay. Indie and Harper
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