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Posted on July 06 2016

Hey babes! Don’t you hate those days when you’re feeling a bit flat and needing a little bit of a pick-me-up?

If you feel like today is one of those days where you would like to be inspired, then take a look at our ‘Navajo‘ Collection.

From the colourful shine of opals, to the tranquility of the onyx; the brightness of turquoise, to the peacefulness of howlite: whether you want to feel a bit more relaxed or alive, you’ll find a colour to suit every mood and a style to suit every outfit.

Navajo Body.jpg

You can’t get how important these collections are unless you know some of the “history” behind them. Don’t start yawning yet. Just bear with me …

The two Native American tribes the Navajo (who call themselves Diné – meaning “Children of the Holy People”) and the Zuni, have lived in south-west US for thousands of years. They only began making jewelry in the 1800s but their culture has a huge influence on their styles: and of course as a source!

For the Navajo and the Zuni it’s all about nature. The earth, mountains, forests and the deserts. With the land as their inspiration they’ve made some of the world’s most striking and often flawless, jewelry. Which is what we bring to you….excited much?!


We’ve spent hours trawling through designs to find the best styles that fit perfectly with you – the bohemian girl.

With the earthy tones, every piece of jewelry in our ‘Navajo‘ Collection has a story to tell; the rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings – the arrowhead shapes, tear drops, feathers and bone (just to name a few!).

One of our favourite designs is the dream catcher. Long story short, Native Americans believe that if you hang a dream catcher above your bed, it will catch your dreams. The good dreams will find a way to make it through the gaps; the bad dreams will get caught until the morning sun strikes and destroys them. It’s a legend that’s been passed for generations! And not only that…. it looks freaking amazing!

Navajo Body 2.jpg

Get inspired by our Native American collections.

Let your spirit roam free.

Images : @emilyrosehannon, @sloppyelegance,, @mockni and @shaepowder

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