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The search for the perfect wave

Posted on July 21 2016

Let’s go surfing now, everybody’s learning how, come on and surfari with me!

There’s nothing quite like the surfer lifestyle, is there? Picture pure white sand on the beach, the turquoise waves crashing in, everyone chasing the ultimate dream of the perfect wave.

We love it. And in fact, we dream about it. So what is it about the ocean that draws us Bohemian girls to it?

The lifestyle, the freshness, the fun: maybe it’s the idea of leaving city living behind and escaping into the silence of the water, where we can be who we want to be, with no inhibitions? Maybe it’s a little bit of everything…

There are some amazing places around the world where you can escape for a Bohemian getaway, surfing to your heart’s content, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the peace and quiet that comes with the Bohemian territory. The Bahamas, Venezuela and Hawaii are just a few.

But head a little closer to home and its places like Byron Bay in northern New South Wales that are meccas among surfers; AND the epitome of Bohemian-style. The beauty behind Byron is thanks to the surfers who came in the mid 1970s to catch the perfect break and decided to stay.

Photo 21-07-2016, 10 40 37 AM

Take a walk along the streets and you’ll be immersed in the laid back lifestyles of the Bohemian surfer girl or boy; the smell of salty sea air and the freshness of the bright blue ocean. Sounds pretty perfect, right?

Plenty of the world’s top surfers think so!

Six-time world surf champion Stephanie Gilmore loves the beaches at Byron Bay and used to holiday there as a kid; “the best surfer in the world” Kelly Slater was spotted surfing there in April (for the record, he was with his buddy Chris Hemsworth, who lives there too!); and the current World Surf League championship Number 1, Matt Wilkinson calls Byron home…

Have to say, we agree – there’s no place in the world quite like it.

There’s no doubt that without the beaches, it wouldn’t be the same; and whether you’re in Byron or you have another favourite surf spot, it sucks you can’t take the ocean with you, right?

Guess that’s where we come in … because thanks to our “wave” range of jewellery, you can!

If you’re looking for something that symbolises everything the ocean stands for: beauty, peacefulness, waves, turquoise and serenity, our Turquoise and Sterling Silver Wave Necklace is destined to be a part of every beach girl’s wardrobe.

Surfing body

You might also know the ocean symbolises the positive part of life, dreams, fantasy and emotion. Nature at its finest; displayed in the Wave Ring range, with a 9k Solid Gold Wave Ring, solid Rose Gold and Sterling Silver wave rings.

And in our traditional Bohemian style range of jewellery, the sterling silver Wave Ring is guaranteed to look amazing on your finger.

Check it out today and get surfing!

Images : @anita_ghise, @photography_byron_bay, @amusesociety and @kirstycane

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