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Why we love Navajo

Posted on August 04 2017

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Our Navajo collection is not only one of our best selling collections, but also an in-house fave. We can’t get enough of the bright turquoises, intricate details and magical designs of which each piece of Navajo jewellery encompasses. What makes these pieces so special, is not only the reasons listed, but the fact that each one has a rich tapestry of Navajo history woven into them. 

Scroll down to read more about the history of the Navajo tribe.

Whether you’re searching for opals or turquoise, silver or onyx, rings or cuffs, our Navajo collection has it all. The Navajo and Zuni artisans pride themselves on the quality and unique designs of each piece of jewellery they craft by hand, and we’re sure that once you take a look at our beautiful range, you will be sure to agree ♥


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Navajo Half Twist Turquoise RingLarge Navajo Turquoise Squash Blossom CuffNavajo Turquoise Horn Pendant 


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Zuni Opal RingTwist Border Opal Navajo RingOpal Zuni Ring White


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Zuni Turquoise Cluster Cuff, Navajo Hand-Carver Turquoise Bracelet, Navajo Raw Turquoise Cuff


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All of our Navajo pieces are carefully handcrafted by Navajo and Zuni artisans who are  Native American Indian people of the Southwestern United States.

They are the largest federally recognized Native American Indian tribe in the US whose reservation is spread out throughout the four corners of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.

Our Navajo collection boasts some of the most intricate pieces, filled with vibrant gemstones and stamped with the Navajo or Zuni artisan who crafted that particular pieces name. 

Taking inspiration from the land, their creations have been integral to the textile and design world. Throughout time, the Navajo and Zuni have created some of the most incredibly detailed and beautiful jewellery, which we at Indie and Harper are so blessed to be able to share with you. 

To read more about the Navajo Tribe, click here.

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