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Beautiful Collection of Moonstone Rings

Jewellery that incorporates the beauty and uniqueness of natural stone are truly one-of-a-kind pieces and offer a kind of exquisiteness that is hard to find in other kinds of jewellery. This is why jewellery that features natural stones such as turquoise, opal and amethyst are so popular with women all over Australia and the world.

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One of the most popular natural stones used in jewellery is moonstone. Moonstone is a milky coloured gemstone that can sometimes have a slightly blue tinge and it has been worn on the fingers of millions of people down through the centuries.

Moonstone jewellery often seems to have a sort of silvery light that comes from within it and, for that reason, it has often been associated with the Moon and this is where its name originated from.

As well as its connection with the Moon, moonstone jewellery has, historically been used as a charm or talisman for fertility, protection, love and sleep. It is also highly valued and is said to bring good fortune in love, business and health.

A Wide Selection of Moonstone Rings from Indie and Harper

When you shop for moonstone jewellery online with Indie and Harper, you will be amazed by the beautiful pieces of moonstone jewellery that are available. From stunning moonstone rings to breath-taking moonstone necklaces as well as moonstone earrings and bracelets, our range of moonstone jewellery for sale is extensive.

Each one of our moonstone rings are carefully selected and lovingly designed and handcrafted, creating a unique and stunning piece of jewellery just for you.

Our range of moonstone jewellery online is available to our customers at competitive prices and we ensure that this beautiful range of jewellery is accessible to all. We often discount a number of our pieces so make sure to check out our website regularly.

Benefits of Buying Moonstone Jewellery Online

When you want cheap moonstone jewellery online, make our website your first port of call and you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

When you buy moon stone jewellery online from Indie and Harper, you can avail of a number of different delivery options depending on where in the world you live. For all orders over $150, you can avail of free standard delivery throughout Australia and around the world.

Indie and Harper are a moonstone jewellers online store and you can order any of our stunning moonstone jewellery directly from our website. Simply browse our range of moonstone jewellery, make your final selection and process your payment. We aim to process all order within 3 business days so that you can have your beautiful moonstone jewellery delivered to you as quickly as possible.

At Indie and Harper, we love standing out from the crowd- especially when it comes to jewellery. Choosing unique jewellery pieces is a great way to express yourself and bring out your personality through your style!

Not only do we believe in being unique, but we offer a beautiful collection of one-of-a-kind, handmade jewellery that could end up as your favourite piece- worn daily or saved for special occasions. We love wearing things that hold a deeper meaning, and remind us of the special times in our life.

We love creating beautiful jewellery with moonstones, and our collection of moonstone rings available online aren't your average fashion jewellery. They have soul and strength. 

Our range of moonstone rings emphasise the beautiful moonstone- a natural stone with a deep history- and pair them with precious metals to make them feel feel luxurious. The moonstone is a stunning gem with a milky white glow. It can give off a silver light like the moon, which is how it got its name. Indie and Harper love using this stone to create our moonstone rings because every single cut is unique.

Once you own your beautiful moonstone piece, it’s specific to you and there will be no other like it. At Indie and Harper we always offer a diverse range of pieces so you can shop for beautiful moonstone rings online.

Good Fortune & Health

Moonstones are known to attract good fortune in love, business and health. They carry special healing properties, heightening feminine energy and help with fertility, protection and sleep. Besides their spiritual qualities, Moonstones are simply gorgeous- which is why we can't get enough of them!

Our jewellery pieces are created with the utmost care by our Indie and Harper artisans. Our online store has a huge range of moonstone rings for sale, made with the highest quality materials. 

If you want to buy moonstone rings online, look no further than Indie and Harper; we know that you’ll love  our beautiful selection of jewels. We offer worldwide shipping too- so if you’re looking for that perfect gift or want to treat yourself, take a look at the beautiful range we have to offer. You might even find our the perfect moonstone rings on sale!

Our sizing guide ensures your ring will always be a perfect fit too! We even offer Afterpay for all of our Australian customers, meaning you can space out your payments but still get your favourite jewels straight away. 

So treat yourself or a loved one and make a statement with our gorgeous, soulful moonstone rings.

If you have any questions about our moonstone jewellery collection or any of our other jewellery pieces including Bohemian JewelleryGypsy JewelleryFestival Jewellery, Boho Bracelets, Bohemian Rings & Boho Earrings, contact us through our online enquiry form or email us at

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