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Celebrating 2 Years with Sea Shepherd

Indie and Harper Bohemian Jewels

Who are Sea Shepherd?

Who better than to tell the tale of who they are then Sea Shepherd themselves?

Indie and Harper Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd have been protecting the worlds ocean life for 40 years now, which is an enormous milestone and effort as the fight to save and ensure the survival of our oceanic eco-system is an ongoing one.

Indie and Harper Bohemian Gypsy Jewels

Indie and Harper together with Sea Shepherd

Living and working by the sea is such an important part of our lives here at Indie and Harper, and a huge reason as to why we feel so connected to the ocean and its inhabitants. We live it and breathe it, and this is why joining together with Sea Shepherd was such a natural thing for us two years ago.

We decided that we had a voice and an available platform to help and spread the incredible word of this amazing organisation. We made the decision to donate $5.00 AUD from every Silver Whale Tail Necklace to Sea Shepherd’s cause, and have been overwhelmed with the response from our amazing customers ever since.

We are so extremely proud and excited to say that since we started donating $5.00 AUD from every Silver Whale Tail Necklace, we have raised over $5000 AUD to donate towards Sea Shepherd’s fight to end the destruction of the oceans habitats and wildlife! 

This means that from the support of all you inspiring and kind hearted people, we have sold over 1000 necklaces. We couldn’t have done this without you, and thank you all from the bottom of our Indie and Harper hearts.

Indie and Harper Sea Shepherd

Want to be a part of the magic?

You may already have seen our Silver Whale Tail Necklace, Gold Whale Tail Necklace or Rose Gold Whale Tail Necklace before (hey, hopefully you even own one!) and now we are over the moon to announce that they also come in adjustable leather! 

All of our whale tail necklaces are placed onto a dainty 18" plated chain or adjustable leather and look amazing as a stand alone piece or layered amongst your other Indie and Harper jewels. 

Indie and Harper Sea Shepherd

Indie and Harper Sea Shepherd

What an excuse to not only treat yourself to a new piece of beautiful bohemian jewellery, but also know that at the same time you are helping Sea Shepherd commit to the eradication of pirate whaling, poaching, shark finning, unlawful habitat destruction and violations of established laws in the world’s oceans.

Indie and Harper Sea Shepherd

How can I help further?

If you have already purchased one of our Whale Tails and want to contribute to the fight further, you can make a direct donation to Sea Shepherd by going here :

Australian residents head to
International residents head to

We are so overwhelmed by our customers open and generous hearts and want to thank each and every one of you for supporting Indie and Harper, Sea Shepherd, and the fight to conserve and protect the worlds oceanic life.

Don’t forget to help spread the incredible word of Sea Shepherd’s brave and amazing work!

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