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Ruby - your July Birthstone

How are they formed?

Rubies are formed when specific minerals are combined together, the most important being corundum.
The red colour will always vary in depth and clarity, but any colour variations that aren't of a red descent are classified as sapphires.
Corundum occurs when aluminum oxide undergoes a process referred to as isomorphous in which some of the aluminum ions are substituted with chromium. Corundum is completely colourless so the colour of the ruby depends totally on the minerals combined with it, once combined with certain elements the corundum produces a large variety of reds. When the aluminum oxide and elements are exposed to high pressure and extreme temperatures they become the molten mixture in which ruby crystals form.
The crystals form as the molten mixture cools. The rate of which it cools will determine the clarity and size of the crystals formed as well as how many. The longer it can cool the larger the rubies will be.  

What do they Represent?

Ruby represents love, passion, courage and emotion. It is believed that wearing a ruby brings good fortune to its owner.
Ruby is also associated with the sun which is thought to preserve mental and physical health.
Across the world, the Ruby gemstone is referred to as the 'king of all gems' and in the Orient, it is famously referred to as 'a drop of the hearts blood of Mother Earth' due to its vibrant red hues.  

Why we Love them!

Here are Indie and Harper we love rubies because of their vibrant colours and unique beauty!
Rubies have a beautiful aura that surrounds them, it is truly unique with no two rubies looking the same.
The deep red hues and impeccable beauty is what truly draws us in!
With our variety of rubies, there is the perfect raw cut or style to suit any outfit!  

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