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4Ocean Bracelets - 4Ocean Australia

100% Recycled Plastic Bracelets

One Ocean. One Mission

Shop our large collection of Genuine 4Ocean Bracelets, made from recycled materials. Each bracelet funds the removal of one pound of rubbish from the oceans and coastlines. Try our most popular bracelets including the 4Ocean Sea Turtle Bracelet, 4Ocean Great Barrier Reef Bracelet, 4Ocean Shark Bracelet and 4Ocean Overfishing Bracelet.

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Add a bohemian twist to any look with unique jewellery pieces by indie and harper. 

Since 2014, our bohemian jewellery store has inspired women to embrace and express their authentic selves. Our bold, eye-catching pieces are thoughtfully crafted to reflect the wearer’s beauty and uniqueness.

Our boho jewellery collection stands out for its natural stones, one-of-a-kind designs and spectral finishes. Each piece is handcrafted in gold, silver, copper and rose gold.

Browse our exquisite range now and find the perfect statement piece to complete your ensemble.

Handcrafted by artisans

It is our honour to work with artisans from all over the world. Some of our most stunning jewellery pieces are meticulously crafted by direct descendants of the Navajo and Zuni tribes. 

Ethical and sustainable boho jewellery

Our commitment to sustainability and the environment shines through every product. Expect your orders wrapped in organic cotton bags, recyclable boxes and envelopes. 

In addition, every purchase you make contributes to our charitable collaborations with organisations like 4Ocean and Lokai.

Shop unique jewellery pieces today that will not only elevate your style but also leave a positive impact.

Shop our unique jewellery in Australia today

Shop our large collection of natural gemstones, handmade gemstones and natural Australian gemstone jewellery designs. Be sure to check out our most popular gemstones including purple gemstones, aquamarine gemstones on sterlings silver or gold bands.

Now shipping express Australia wide, including Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Why pay now? Buy gemstone jewellery with AfterPay and pay later!

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Amethyst Jewellery

Women's Amethyst Jewellery

Amethyst is the birthstone of February and is associated with qualities of peace, courage, and stability. 

It is said that not only those born in February but those who associate themselves with Amethyst will also reap and enjoy the many benefits that this stone will bring.

Our Amethyst Jewellery is set in Rose Gold, Gold, Sterling Silver and Copper or Brass. We source our women's jewellery with raw and polished stones meaning there is a piece for everyone.

Read more about the amazing qualities of the Amethyst Stone.

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Womens Apatite Jewellery

Womens Apatite Bohemian Jewellery

Shop Apatite Jewellery at Indie and Harper. Our jewellery is hand mand by Artisans around the world. Each piece is truly unique and the perfect gift. We pride ourselves on our large range of Bohemian Jewellery.

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April Birthstone - Herkimer

April Birthstone - Herkimer Quartz

Shop our April birthstone collection for a selection of stunning April birthstone rings, April birthstone necklaces, and April birthstone earrings. 

What is the birthstone for April? Beautiful Diamonds are the birthstone for April.  Here at indie and harper we have the next best thing, Herkimer diamonds of which are a great April birthstone alternative!

If you're looking for the perfect April birthstone gift alternatives, our selection of jewels are available in Sterling Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold settings. Our selection of jewellery includes April birthstone earrings, April birthstone ring and April diamond birthstone necklace, the perfect gift.

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Women's Aquamarine Jewellery

Shop Aquamarine Bohemian Jewellery Online.

Aquamarine is a stone of spiritual awareness, enlightenment and the ability to become attuned to your own emotions. Aquamarine is the March Birthstone making it the perfect gift for all March babies. Shop our range of Gold, Sterling Silver, and Rose Gold Jewellery online.


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Azurite Women's Jewellery


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Birthstone Jewellery Australia Online

Shop our Birthstone Jewellery Collection

Give them as the perfect birthday gift, pair the matching ring, necklace and earrings, created to represent loved ones and hold close to you the meaning of all the special people in your life.

Shop our large range of birthstone jewellery Australia. Sapphire birthstone jewellery, amethyst birthstone jewellery, aquamarine birthstone jewellery, garnet birthstone jewellery.


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Birthstone + Zodiac

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