The Top Benefits and History Behind the Peridot Stone

Peridot stone can be used for bringing wealth, vitality, optimism and generosity to those who wear it.
Optimism is the main power behind the peridot stone, enhancing positivity for all but especially for those who struggle to keep an open mind.

What can peridot do for you?

Peridot is known for enhancing positivity which in turn promotes a better quality of life. Peridot will help you harness the power of the sun towards joy, optimism, strength and a better quality of life.
Thinking positively will bring many strong energies that will enlighten your day and provide you with the strength to face anything.

Why do we love Peridot?

Here at Indie and Harper we love Peridot for its beautiful shine and beaming shades of green! It is a beautiful stone that spreads positivity which is in line with our values at the HQ!



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