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Let's Celebrate Women's Health.
Win Our $1500 Ultimate Women's Wellness Giveaway
We have teamed up with so many amazing brands to put together this INCREDIBLE giveaway.
You could win...
1. Indie and Harper Jewellery Pack ($500)
2. SkinnyMe Tea Complete Health Pack ($99)
3. Skintox Co Glow Pack ($40)
4. La Bang Body Bundle ($75)
5. Quirky Cup Collective Mug Set ($65)
6. Team Timbuktu Botanical Crop ($59)
7. Summer Salt Body Crystal Soap + Mask ($50)
8. Retreat Yourself August Box & Year Subscription ($250)
9. Coconut Bowls Bowls Spoons Forks & Bamboo Straws ($70)
10. Eco Tan Holy Grail Tanning Pack & Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub ($130)
11.Sienna Byron Bay Nude Pack, Twin Pack, Cuticle Oil, Glass Nail File & Remover Wipes ($177)
12. YUNI Beauty Shower Sheets ($15)
Entry is open Worldwide! Competition Closes 11:59 PM AEST on Friday 6th September. And the winner will be announced at  10:00 AM AEST on Monday 9th September.
here's a more in depth look at our prizes..


I love this site and this giveaway looks awesome

Karla September 07, 2019

this Is such an amazing prize to win♥️ So many things I could receive and share with my mom and surprise her for her birthday. She would be so happy.👩‍👧♥️

Aliyah September 06, 2019

Sigh! What a fantastic treasure trove of prizes ❤️ I would love to win this and share the joy with my beautiful daughters!

Jo September 06, 2019

This giveaway looks amazing I would absolutely love to win this I am a stay at home mom and never do anything for myself and winning this would mean so so much to me I appreciate the opportunity to be a participant in this giveaway ❤️

Kaitlyn September 05, 2019

Amazing giveaway!!
Some awesome goodies 💞💞

Belinda September 05, 2019

You’re the best! Thank you for doing this 😊

Lori Bonino September 04, 2019

Oh my goodness!! So many amazing goodies😍💜

Candi September 04, 2019

This giveaway is so awesome! Thank you for the chance to win!

Angela Peelman September 04, 2019

Many thanks for your products. They look amazing and make your day great!!

Matilde September 04, 2019

This giveaway is amazing!!! I wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to win

Christina Hughes September 04, 2019

Looks amazing

Gail little September 03, 2019

Looks fantastic!..thanks for the opportunity!!

Nancy Samberg September 03, 2019

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