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Opal - your October Birthstone

Opal is the traditional birthstone for our October babies! With so many hidden benefits and meanings these gorgeous stones are not only beneficial for those born in October but whoever wears it.

Top 5 Benefits

  • Amplifies Creativity
  • Increases Strength
  • Brings Joy
  • Promotes Love
  • Enhances Wealth

The Meaning Behind Opals

Known for its ability to bring one's traits and characteristics to the surface. It is believed to bring out both positive and negative emotions that can be buried deep beneath the surface. Bringing out negative attributes will help in learning to let go of them and also learning to deal with them over time. Bringing out positive attributes will help bring happiness to your everyday life as well as those around you - helping you lead a more productive life. 

Uses and Purposes

Opals promote a sense of calm, through easing stress and depression by encouraging one to deal with any negativities and stresses in life to then move forward and become happier.

Opals help centre the mind, finding a balance to put restless thoughts and racing minds at ease.

Being October's birthstone, Opals will be more powerful for those born in October although they will resonate with all who wear or use them.

Where do Opals originate?

There are small amount of opals found in Brazil and Mexico, however approximately 96% of the world's beautiful opals come from right here where our HQ is situated, in Australia! The name Opal originated from the greek word 'Opallios' which means 'to see a change of colour'

How are Opals formed?

Opal is formed from a solution of silicon dioxide and water. When water runs through the earth, silica is picked up from the sandstone. Once the water evaporates, the silica leaves behind deposits in the cracks of the earth and over time the process is repeated, eventually opal is formed.

Due to their water content, opals may change in colour when exposed to temperature or humidity changes.

How about Synthetic Opals?

Synthetic opals are the 'man made' version of opals. These opals are chemically manufactured in a laboratory using crushed pieces of natural opal mixed with a synthetic styled opal to mimic the beautiful colours that many love when it comes to opals and this process creates a stronger and more durable stone that can be created into many unique styles! Simulated opals do not contain water like natural opals do therefore making them less vulnerable to any changes in colour due to temperature and humidity changes.  

Can your opal change colour?

A common question we are asked at Indie and Harper is whether or not it is normal for an opal jewel to change colours. The answer is yes, it is completely normal for this natural stone to change colour due to environmental changes. It is most common within Ethiopian opals and very rare in other varieties of natural opals. Ethiopian opals are considered hydrophane opal which means they will soak up large amounts of water but can also dry out large amounts of water. Natural opals are made up of a partial substance of water, gaining or losing water can change its appearance or colour accordingly. 

Protect your i+h Opal from changing colour?

To protect your gem stone from changing colour it is best to avoid water or dramatic temperature changes by ensuring it is stored in a cool, dark spot (such as the box or bag it came in) when not being worn. If your opal changes colour due to water or humidity/temperature changes it will most likely return once it is back to its original water content and at a neutral temperature.

Why do we love Opals?

Here at Indie and Harper we love our gorgeous collection of opals for their enchanting colour and amazing shine. Each and every piece of opal we have at the HQ is beautifully unique making each jewel extra special for those who wear it.

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