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7 Ways to Help You Become Happier Everyday

To get the most out of life, happiness and positivity are essential aspects no matter who you are, what your lifestyle is like or where you are from!

Those who are happier tend to feel encouraged to go outside and get involved in the world, the more we do this the more productive and happier we feel within ourselves.

It is a common misconception that only long-term goals will help us be happier, but there are many things that you can fit into your daily routine that will help boost your happiness. Here are seven tips and reminders to help you become happier every day (some only take a few minutes!)

1. Take Time To Breathe

It is easier to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives! When you take just thirty seconds of your time to consciously breathe, it is the easiest way to have some time out for yourself and be grateful for your own existence, in turn boosting your happiness in yourself and to those around you.
Simply closing your eyes, breathing through your nose for a count of three and out through your mouth for a count of five, for thirty seconds is a great way to slow things down for a moment and focus. 

2. Move! Move! Move!

It is no secret that with the growing number of studies on physical exercise and its correlation to happiness from the release of endorphins has been popular talk in the year of 2018.

Many may think that you need to be exercising every day for this to be true, but it can be as little as an hour a week to contribute to your happiness, take five minutes out of your day to have a quick stretch and walk around.

At the Indie and Harper HQ all of our boho babes take a few minutes out of their day and walk around the office, or out in the lovely sunshine (if possible!) to take some time out, we find this helps lift our moods and makes us more productive ready to take on the day ahead!

3. Get Enough Sleep

Seeking a good night’s sleep is essential in creating happiness and wellness in your life. Ensuring you are well rested will make your level of contentment peak.

A big problem that may affect your sleeping pattern is screens before bed. Based on research studies conducted, we recommended shutting off any screens [approximately half an hour] before bed time to allow your brain to slow down will help you have a well-rested night’s sleep. 

4. Open your Blinds

This may seem like a simple thing that doesn’t actually affect many, but it is actually a huge contributor to feeling sad or down during your day.
Opening up your blinds and letting sunshine into your home, even if it is dull or moody outside can give you a major happiness boost!
If the weather holds up, then going for a walk outside or sitting outside can actually bring on feelings of positivity. This little ray of sunshine in your day will wake your brain up and make your body feel ready to start the day or any tasks you have ahead!

5. Wholesome Diet

Although we may eat ‘bad’ food that makes us feel happy this is only a temporary feeling in that moment.
We are all for treating yourself here with a naughty treat now and then at Indie and Harper, but we also have learnt that eating more wholesome, nutritious meals everyday help us feel better with ourselves and lift our moods due to boosting our energy levels.
Ensuring that you eat clean, wholesome foods as a part of your daily diet will improve your happiness over time.

6. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Don’t let the sun go down angry is a great life motto to live by.

It is easy to become frustrated with things throughout the day but when this happens it can bring your whole mood right down and often set the next few days mood.

Every single day there are hurdles given to us to overcome, instead of getting frustrated we must learn from these and enjoy the ride.

Become more present in the moment, this will help you troubleshoot your frustration at the time and stop it from carrying over into your future.

7. Be Kind to Others and Yourself (Most Important!)

In order to achieve the strongest sense of fulfilment and happy well-being, you must learn to treat yourself with kindness, then extend that to others.
Self-acceptance is a practice that can lead to greater happiness, but it is one that few forms or know how to. 
It is important to practice self-love and self-care to feel grateful for the life we have been given and it is a beautiful gift to share with others - we feel more joy when we give!

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