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Counterfeit Warning


Here at Indie and Harper we pride ourselves on creating beautiful jewellery for our gorgeous tribe of customers! For us to continue to have the ability to do so, we ask that you please adhere to certain criteria when purchasing our products online. Indie and Harper jewellery is only sold with proven quality through our website We are in no way affiliated with any other retailers.
Unfortunately, we frequently find dishonest online retailers advertising poor quality, imitation versions of our products. These retailers often use our official INDIE AND HARPER website, imagery, and logo to do so. As our products are lovingly handmade by artisans all over the world, extreme price reductions and deviation from original product prices may point toward a counterfeit Indie and Harper product.
As a company, we are actively fighting these dishonest internet retailers, and working very hard to have the images stolen from us removed.
While we do so, we ask that you please contact if you have found any internet retailers advertising original INDIE AND HARPER jewellery using our logo or any of our imagery.

 We thank you for your understanding and loyalty to our brand

With love and light xo



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