Sea Shepherd is a non-profit conservation organisation whose mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

Sea Shepherd have been protecting the worlds ocean life for 40 years now. 


Living and working by the sea is such an important part of our lives here at Indie and Harper and a huge reason why we feel connected to the ocean and its inhabitants. We decided that we had a voice and an available platform to help and spread the incredible word of this amazing organisation. We made the decision to donate $5.00AUD from every Whale Tail Necklace to Sea Shepherd’s cause!

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By purchasing either one of our Silver, Gold or Rose Gold Whale Tale Necklaces, you will be contributing to the amazing work that Sea Shepherd do, and help become one step closer to ending the destruction of our habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s ocean!

To learn more about this amazing organization or to get involved, please go over to Sea Shepherds website HERE!



4ocean is an organisation that recycles materials found in the ocean and coastlines to create bracelets. Every bracelet purchased funds the removal of 1 pound of trash from the ocean and coastline.
4oceans core missions are: ocean sustainability, recycling awareness, creating global economies and earth preservation.
4ocean employ captains and cleanup crews from Florida to Bali that are cleaning our oceans and coastlines seven days a week.

Indie and Harper are passionate about the ocean, it’s beautiful creatures and how to maintain its wanders. When we read the Pacific Vortex, it got us thinking about how Indie and Harper as a company can help such a needy cause, and we thought who better to support than 4Oceans!

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By purchasing a 4Ocean bracelet, you will remove one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines. This bracelet represents your commitment to cleaning the ocean and to raise awareness of the 4Ocean movement.

To learn more about 4Ocean or to get involved with such an incredible organization, you can go to their website HERE!