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Meet our Girl Boss


With only just over 4 years of operation indie and harper, our beautiful bohemian online jewellery store, based in Australia, has quickly grown to become a successfully global online store, with more and more gypsy souls joining the indie and harper tribe each day!

With just over 4 years under our belt of long days and sleepless nights, the dream of Indie and Harper has quickly turned into a reality as a result of the hard work, commitment and extreme dedication of the indie and harper team and our beautiful and inspiring ‘girl boss’, Cathy.

Named after two of her beautiful children, Cathy started her business ‘indie and harper’ from home, working tirelessly on everything business related, from sourcing beautiful, high-quality bohemian and gypsy inspired jewellery, to building the brands social media and online following, all while somehow juggling her three beautiful girls and loving husband.

Cathy continues to inspire and motivate each of her team with her passion, dedication and her ‘go get them’ attitude to all things business. Over the years, the indie and harper team of fashion and jewellery enthusiasts has grown from one to eight!

Our girly ‘dream team’ started off working from Cathy’s, to eventually working in our current amazingly spacious warehouse where all the indie and harper magic now happens. Here at indie and harper we are all about the bohemian way of life: ‘don’t take things too seriously and do what makes you happy’.

Each and every one of our bohemian and gypsy inspired jewels allow our customers the chance to stand out from the crowd and live their own beautiful lifestyle.

“When I first started the business, I was pretty much working from the moment I woke up until I went to bed late at night… I was handling all of the social media, website, photography, packing orders… Often my husband and I would be up until the early hours of the morning packing orders after the kids were asleep!!! And then getting up all night with the kids. Then up at the crack of dawn to start my day all over again! There wasn’t much rest in those first 2 and a half years…”

“Cathy: Only a few months ago the girls were coming to my house every day to work so there was literally no escape for me! The days my kids weren’t in day care were often spent jumping all over my employees and drawing on their arms or sitting on their laps wanting to play! Most days one of my employees would have to hold my littlest bubs so I could go and have a shower (which was a nice little perk J). We have since moved the business to an actual proper work place and it has been one of the best decisions I have made to date. Now I can detach from my work and really be there for my family again. I have also been lucky enough to find a great bunch of girls who I trust wholeheartedly to help run my business when im not there. It was initially hard to ‘let go’ of certain things as the business grew but im still learning as I go and the balance is finally starting to actually happen”



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