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Here at Indie and Harper, we absolutely love meeting like-minded people who have a passion for beautiful jewellery, the bohemian way of life and those who create themselves a beautiful atmosphere to be surrounded by! 

About Lina Toma

The gorgeous Lina Toma inspires us through her love for art and the world she creates through it! She has an incredible talent, and here at indie and harper; we fall in-love with every moment she captures. 
Read about Lina Toma in our Q&A with her HERE, and get to know the gorgeous soul behind the lense.
Continue to follow her journey on her insta:

About Luna Lindsay

The absolutely gorgeous Luna Lindsay is one of our favourites here at Indie and Harper. 
With her love for the creative industry and getting her beautiful inspiration through everyday life, Luna Lindsay captures beautiful moments, and that is what we LOVE about her.
Continue to follow her journey on insta: @LUNA.LINDSAY
Read more about Luna Lindsay on our blog HERE

About Chenoa Morris

Chenoa Morris is one of our biggest inspirations here at Indie and Harper- with her inspirational outlook on life!
Beautiful morals and words shine out through her children, who we simply adore!
Continue to follow Chenoa Morris and her family on insta: @islabayandreef
Read more about Chenoa Morris and her gorgeous family on our blog HERE

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