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Our Story

The journey for Indie and Harper all began when our beautiful creator Cathy put into action her immense love for bohemian fashion and her captivating creative style.

Working from home, looking after two beautiful girls, with one on the way, Cathy began designing Indie and Harper, having the vision for her business to be to enrapture all the bohemian babes and gypsy loving souls through indulging in the fine arts of nature and tapping into the free-spirit in all of us.

It is through the natural stones, flawless opals and beaming diamonds that makes Indie and Harper the unique business it is. Whether it is through the hand-crafted pieces by Navajo artisans or our pieces incorporating fossils found on the riverbeds of the South Carolina coast, all pieces are made with impeccable detailing and love, just for you.

From planting the seed to the blossoming of the tree, Indie and Harper has grown into a soulful business that flourishes with bohemian, gypsy and festival jewellery, always living by the motto ‘with love and light xo’.