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          Hello Beauties!
          For those who aren't too familiar with 'Indie and Harper', here is a little snippet.
          We have THE best job in the world... We spend our days here drinking coffee, stalking people on instagram and sourcing some of the best quality, beautiful, bohemian jewels from around the world... It's a tough job, but someone has to do it!
          Our jewels range from Turquoise to Tibetan Quartz, Moonstone to Australian Opals... And our most popular Collection is our 'Navajo' Collection, which are all hand made by Navajo Artisans in the United States.
          However above all things, we LOVE working with like minded souls and inspiring others to do whatever it is they want to do in life. But just because we love to inspire people doesn't mean we don't need inspiring at times. This is why we have started our blog. We want to share with you what inspires us! From bloggers to brands and even just day to day living experiences.
          This is what 'Indie and Harper' is all about, and we hope that by reading our stories you will gain some inspiration to live life to the fullest!
            With Love & Light