Australian Raw Opal and Copper Ring

$95.00 AUD

Ring size

Raw Opal Ring

"The world is too big to stay in one place & life is too short to do just one thing"

Beautifully hand crafted using the most stunning hand picked Australian Raw Opals. Each design is unique and has its own personality.

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The opal stone enhances imagination and creativity, decreases confusion.

Birth month: October 

Chakra: Heart - ability to love. Crown - ability to be spiritually connected. 

  • Handcrafted and unique
  • Raw Australian Opal
  • Raw Opals can vary in size and colour
  • Copper band

* Colour and shape of Raw Opal will vary which is what makes each ring so unique and special!

Photo 5 Credit @sallymustang/

Photo 4 Credit @mitch.gobel/


#withloveandlight xo


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