Navajo Opal Cuff

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Navajo Opal Cuff

"My circle is small but the love is enormous + genuine. It gets no better" - Alex Elle

925 Sterling Silver and Synthetic Opal Cuff - hand crafted by Navajo Artisan 

The Native American Tribe: Navajo (who call themselves Diné - meaning "Children of the Holy People") have lived in the south-west US for thousands of years and began making jewellery in the 1800s.

They are one of the largest recognized Native American Indian tribes in the US, and are spread throughout the four corners of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.

For the Navajo tribe, life is all about nature, the earth, mountains, forests and deserts.  With the land as their inspiration they've made some of the world's most striking jewellery, which we're so blessed to share with you.

Part of our 'Navajo' Collection - of which ALL pieces are carefully handcrafted by Navajo or Zuni artisans.

  • Made with 925 Sterling Silver
  • Synthetic Opal
  • Hand crafted by Navajo Artisan
  • Opal Measurement 10mm x 13mm


#withloveandlight xo

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