Zuni Tear Drop White Opal Ring

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Zuni Opal Ring

The Zuni Tribe was one of the most famous tribes of Native American Indians.  They still exist to this day along the Zuni River (part of the Little Colorado River) in Western New Mexico, United States.  The Zuni are well known for their silver smithing, which is a major part of their trade today.

The Zuni Tear Drop White Opal Ring is handmade by Zuni artisan Diana Shebala, with a synthetic Opal and 925 Sterling Silver. While synthetic Opals are made in a lab, they are chemically very similar to natural opals. Synthetic Opals are made up of approximately 20% Resin and 80% Natural Opal.  The Zuni Tear Drop White Opal Ring is a show stopper by itself or with our "Moonstone Four Point Necklace"

The opal stone enhances imagination and creativity, decreases confusion.

Birth month: October 

Chakra: Heart - ability to love. Crown - ability to be spiritually connected. 

  • 4 beautiful Synthetic Opals
  • Sterling Silver 
  • Tear Drop Synthetic Opal design

Part of our 'Navajo' Collection

Photo #2 : @gypsylovinlight

#withloveandlight xo


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