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The Stone of Intuition: Moonstone Meaning, Uses and Benefits

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Moonstone jewellery has been gaining popularity in recent years, and for good reason. These beautiful gemstones have a unique iridescent quality that makes them stand out from traditional gemstones. If you're considering adding a piece of moonstone jewellery to your collection, read on to discover more about these magical stones and their history, meaning, and benefits.

Moonstone Information Card

Healing Properties

Moonstones are closely associated with femininity and intuition, and are a very popular choice for women's jewellery. For men, moonstone rings can represent strength and balance, making them a meaningful and thoughtful gift. Moonstones are believed to have many healing properties, both physically and emotionally. They are said to help with hormonal balance, digestion, and even fertility. Emotionally, these stones are thought to promote inner peace, calmness, and emotional stability. Wearing a moonstone jewellery piece can not only add beauty to your outfit, but also help bring positive energy and balance to your life.

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Top 8 Benefits of wearing Moonstone

What better way to embrace this magical stone and all its healing properties than to have it with you wherever you go. By having the stone in a piece of jewellery, it can work its magic at all times, and assist you in daily life. Here are the top 8 benefits of wearing this mystical gemstone.

1. Emotional Balance: Moonstone is believed to have a calming effect on emotions, promoting inner peace and harmony.

2. Intuition and Insight: Enhance your intuitive abilities and tap into your inner wisdom with moonstone jewellery.

3. Hormonal Support: This stone is said to help regulate hormones and can be especially beneficial for women during their menstrual cycle.

4. Creativity and Inspiration: This gem is associated with unlocking creativity, making it ideal for artists, writers, and musicians.

5. Protection and Luck: This captivating gem is also believed to provide protection against negative energies and bring good luck to the wearer.

6. Healing and Stress Relief: Moonstone is said to have a soothing effect on the body, helping to alleviate stress and promote healing.

7. Feminine Energy: This gem is often associated with the divine feminine and is believed to enhance feminine energy and intuition.

8. Travel Support: This stone is often worn by travellers, sometimes being called the 'travellers stone'. It is particularly effective at comforting and protecting a traveler at night. It is said to help the traveler get clear on their true desires and path in life, and go after what they really want.

Moonstone Ring i+h
Moonstone ring i+h

History & Symbolism of Moonstone

In addition to their physical beauty, moonstones also hold deep meaning and symbolism. In many cultures, these stones are believed to bring good luck and protection to the wearer. Despite being as old as the moon itself, it wasn't until the early 1900s that the stone became an iconic and important focal point in society. Moonstone gets its name from its moon-like features, with many cultures linking this gem with moonlight.

Many cultures view this stone as mystical and otherworldly, believing it had indeed come from another world. In Hindu and Roman mythology, this stone is believed to be formed of moonlight beams. Both Greek and Roman cultures connected this gemstone with their own gods and goddesses, specific to the moon. For the Romans, it was the goddesses Diana and Luna, and in Greece it was the goddesses Selene, Artemis, and Hectate. In Roman mythology, possessing moonstone was believed to bring the owner love, wisdom, and good fortune. It was also thought to keep the mind clear, and help with making the best decisions possible throughout life. Some cultures believed you could see the future by holding moonstone in your mouth at the time of the full moon!

In more recent years, the stones meaning began to change, and it was particularly popular among designers of the Art Noveau movement, and during the 1960s and 1990s New Age movements.

Today, moonstone jewellery is as popular as ever, coming in a variety of styles, and being sold all over the world. 

Physical Properties

Moonstone is a mixture of two feldspar minerals that are layered inside the stone. Feldspar is one of the most common minerals, forming the majority of Earths crust. However, feldspar in the form of Moonstone is rare for its ability to reflect light. When light falls between the layers of feldspar in the stone, it scatters in many directions, causing a phenomenon known as adularescence. The light moves across the stone much like moonlight would shine across the water, and the stone glows! The finest moonstones are typically colourless with a blue sheen. 

Moonstones are found mainly in Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Southern India. Other varieties occur Australia, Armenia, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States.

Moonstone Illustration

Why We Love This Stone

Here at i+h, we love Moonstones as they can be worn as everyday jewellery or dressed up for special occasions, making them a versatile choice and a staple in all of our jewellery collections!

We also love moonstone jewels for their unique beauty, mesmerising play of colour and soft glow that seems to radiate from within. The iridescent effect gives this stone a dreamy, otherworldly appearance that adds a little magic to our daily lives. We love watching as the presence of light and movement transforms these stones, creating reflections we could stare at all day! Just like our i+h tribe, no two moonstones are exactly alike, making each stone truly one-of-a-kind.

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Moonstone Birthstone & Zodiac

As moonstone is connected with water, all water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) can benefit greatly from this stone. Moonstone resonates the most for those born under the Libra star sign. For Libras, this stone is particularly helpful in guiding them through changes in their life, and helpful in assisting with decision making - something Libras are known to struggle with. Its introspective and balancing qualities align with this sign, however people of any zodiac sign can find healing from this gemstone. Moonstone is also crowned as one of three birthstones for the month of June.

Affordable Luxury

Compared to other gemstones, moonstones are relatively affordable, making them a great option for those looking for a touch of luxury, without breaking the bank. They are also a great alternative for those who want a unique and eye-catching gemstone without the high price tag of diamonds or sapphires. With their stunning beauty and affordable price, moonstone rings are a win-win for any jewellery lover.

From delicate and dainty to bold and statement-making, there is a moonstone piece for every taste and occasion. With their unique beauty, versatility, meaning, healing properties, and affordability, it's no wonder that moonstone jewels are becoming a popular choice for jewellery lovers everywhere!

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