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Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals in jewellery, many will wear it due to its association with luxury as deep purples are associated with royalty, but this is not the only reason it should be worn!

Amethyst is most known for providing strength to individuals, by promoting calmness, balance and peace it allows more room for an individual to grow and become stronger intellectually. Amethyst is believed to help you develop an ability to think clearly and not be clouded with any emotion or outside aspects that would affect your everyday judgement. Amethyst helps you build the skill to analyse emotions and understand how to overcome difficult situations where your emotions would be at their highest.

Besides from the amazing benefits that Amethyst jewellery will bring to you, it looks gorgeous on every individual who wears it!  Amethysts come in colours ranging from pale pastel shades to deep purple hues, although Amethysts are often similar colourings, each stone is usually unique to each who own it.

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