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5 Ways to Start your New Years Off Right

1. Set Your Goals

If you have not yet set your goals for the year, it is time to do it - make this your first goal of the year! 
For goals to be efficient they must be specific, be measurable, have a time limit and be yours.
Goals are needed in a wide variety of categories such as business, financial, spiritual, physical, intellectual and social.

2. Take Time Out

If you are anything like us, we felt that twenty eighteen went incredibly fast. Make sure this year you take some time out each and every day to bring yourself back to focusing on what is important.
We commend finding the time to go for a brisk walk out of the office or find a moment to stop and take in your surroundings.
For those who can't, we suggest once a day (at least) to close your eyes and take ten deep breaths, this can help calm your nerves and take a step back from anything that is on your mind.

3. Keep Track

Keep track of your healthy habits.
Sometimes we get caught up in trying to stick to a strict schedule on when we are to do things - such as going to the gym five times a week, or eating fruit three times a day.
This can cause us to spiral down and become unmotivated in our goals due to too much pressure.
By keeping track of your healthy habits throughout the day (rather than punishing yourself for not sticking to your plan) you will motivate yourself to keep going. A good system to keep track of your healthy choices is to reward yourself every time you get to five or ten.
An example is if you choose to park your car further away from your destination and walk more or switching out a deep-fried meal for a clean, fresh meal.
Keeping track also informs you of which areas you need to work on - as well as rewarding you for doing a great job!

4. Word of the Year

A lot of the time New Year's resolutions are too narrow minded.
People often get fixated on just one aspect of their life rather than their life as a whole. 
Although having a specific resolution can be motivating, we can often lose ourselves in the process of reaching it. 
By choosing one word, you can apply it to all different parts of your life.
Some examples are happiness, discipline, joy, simplify, serenity and fun.

5. Mindful Intention

All in all, for many of us setting something to work towards is the way to go for the New Year but what about living in the present? Goals help with the future but how do you want to live right now?

Mindful intentions are about living in the present and staying positive. 

They focus less on results and more on your mindset. For example, instead of focusing on losing weight, a mindful alternative would be to try more nutritious foods and move your body in a way you enjoy.

Rather than suffering to achieve your results, you engage in healthy behaviours that feel rewarding in the present. 

The I+H Team wish you a very safe and Happy New Year!

All the best for 2019, we hope it is a rewarding year filled with love and happiness for all.

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