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Elegant Emerald - Your May Birthstone


Emeralds are ancient gemstones and were mined in Egypt as early as 300 BC. The Egyptians used emeralds both in jewellery and in their elaborate burials, often burying emeralds with monarchs as symbols of protection.

Emerald is a variety of beryl like aquamarine. Emerald can range from light green to deep, rich green, often the way its colour is presented in jewellery comes down to the way it is cut.
Emeralds are found in Colombia, Brazil, Afghanistan and Zambia.


As always there is many different beliefs and meaning from different cultures.
In mythology, the goddess Venus claims Emerald as her stone, which resulted in Emeralds being associated with love.
Emerald is also considered a stone of great vision and intuition, long believed to foretell future events and reveal one’s truths.
It is a stone of wisdom, enhances memory and increases mental clarity.

How to get the most out of Emerald

Emerald will provide many benefits to those who chose to wear it, keeping it close to your heart (on a necklace) will reap in its benefits in regard to love and passion. Otherwise, keeping it close to you will promote calmness and inspire you in all that you do.

Caring for your Emerald Birthstone Jewels

Never use steam cleaners on your Emerald stones, this may cause inclusions or damage to the stone. Ensure you are careful when engaging in physical activity, Emeralds can scratch on their surface easily.
Only ever use mildly warm water and mild soaps and be sure to dry your jewels completely to avoid tarnishing.

Why do we Love Emerald?

At Indie and Harper, we love Emerald for its stand-out green hues. Ranging from beautiful, deep tones to bright and brilliant tones, Emerald is a beautiful stone for all. We love how although green can be a scary colour to pull off, emeralds look amazing on all who wear it.
Besides its amazing meaning and benefits, our Emerald jewels are so unique and special to all of us here.

Our Emerald birthstone collection houses the perfect gift for all those born in May.


Emerald is a stone known for reviving passion in everything you do, whether this is passion for a person, job or event.
Emerald is said to have a calming effect on one’s emotions, but a stimulating effect on thoughts, reflections and philosophy.
With a soothing effect, it is said emerald is the perfect stone to have in a workplace, as it will encourage creativity and thoughts but keep you level headed.


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