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With an eclectic mix of styles and cultures and drawing from the sixties and seventies, bohemian style embraces those who live unconventional lives and are truly artistic.

This travelling gypsy aesthetic can be so easily translated by mismatching colourful and unique pieces from your travels, clashing vintage with new and layering textures.

Want to get the boho look at home? Here are our 10 favourite looks and how to achieve them:

Embrace texture and tassels

Textures- myamazingthings
Textures, tassels and anything woven evokes the ultimate sixties boho feel. Clash and layer woven cushions, rugs, textiles and trinkets to bring dimension and personality and embrace amazing unique pieces you’ve picked up in on your travelling adventures.


It’s all about cane

Cane- magicbabyvintage.png


Cane is back in a big way, and often the more aged the better. Look for a tallback vintage 1970s Peacock Chair or a ’50s Saucer Chair to make a statement and inject natural texture in a room. Cane furniture not only makes a great statement but it doesn’t encroach on smaller spaces visually, because you can see right through it.

Hang it up

Wall Hanging- weheartit.png

Offset white walls with earthy textured wall hangings, cane mirrors, fairy lights- layer it all on in different colours and textures and don’t worry about it matching. You can even use a statement patterned rug as a piece of art by hanging it from a bare wall! It’s all about creating warmth and contrast.

Macrame is back, babe.

Macarame- Doris Leslie Bleu.jpg

Doris Leslie Blau

This retro textile is a boho must-have. Whether you choose a larger piece as wall art or hanging plant holders like these, this once-kitsch seventies staple looks great against natural fibres and textures. You can find some great handmade unique pieces on sites like Etsy, or even attempt to make one yourself if you’re feeling creative!

Bring the outdoors in

Nature- Doris Leslie Bleu.jpg


Try bringing the great outdoors inside with a statement hanging branch, or a woven hammock to bring ease and relaxation into your space. Use natural fibres, florals and plants to transform your home into a gypsy haven.

Live bold with bright colours

Colour Clash- ibizabohogirl.png


Don’t be afraid to inject bright colours! It’s so easy to get caught up staying in neutral tones and natural colours, but integrating a mix of bold and warm colours and clashing patterns will evoke a Moroccan feel and add vibrancy to your boho-inspired room.

Layer rugs

Layered Rugs- tessa barton
Tessa Barton

Layer different rugs in clashing patterns one over another in rooms where you want extra warmth- like bedrooms. Different contrasting patterns and textiles look eclectic and vibrant. You can even layer low pile patterned rugs with seagrass or cotton woven rugs- the more contrasting they are, the better!

 Indoor plants

Indoor Plants- carlaypage.png


Indoor plants are not only having a huge moment right now, but they epitomise boho chic… just make sure you’re taking care of them properly. Mix it up with different plants in different sizes. Fiddle-leaf figs, rubber plants, cacti and hanging Devil’s Ivy are the big plants of the moment and you can find them almost anywhere.

Layer on the cushions

Pillows- Ibiza Boho Girl


If you want to update your room into a boho-haven, go wild with eclectic patterned cushions in a mix of brights, textures and patterns. Pile them high on furniture and even on the floor, seek out ones with tassels and different sizes and shapes so they clash and contrast.

Create a cosy outdoor sanctuary

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 3.48.09 pm.png

Create a gorgeous haven outdoors by bringing rugs, cushions, plants and fairy lights into a shaded outdoor space. Create a cosy place to relax after a long day and embrace plants you already have outside that thrive in the outdoors. Finish off the look with low-hanging fairy lights and your gypsy sanctuary is complete.

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