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• Store me in a small box or pouch to prevent damage from natural sunlight and excess heat.
• Handmade jewels are fragile, so make sure to wear with care! Treat me like a delicate flower and be careful that I don't knock against hard surfaces, get dropped or caught on fabric.
• You may love swimming, but we don't! Make sure to take us off before swimming or showering - if your jewels do come into contact with water, pat them dry as soon as possible to avoid tarnishing.
• We don't need any beauty treatments! Make sure to protect us from hairspray, lotions and perfume.
• Sometimes we all need a little beauty sleep, but make sure to take us off when you do!
• We love keeping fit and healthy but make sure to avoid wearing your jewels when exercising.


Plated jewellery needs a little more tender love and care than other pieces. To make the most out of your plated piece of jewellery… 

• Ensure it is kept dry at all times.
• Do not wear in the shower.
• Keep away from all types of lotions and potions.
• It is more than normal for plating to wear off over time. To prolong the plating, treat your jewels with the utmost care.


Our beautiful copper jewels are created through a process called electroforming.

Electroforming is a step-by-step process whereby gemstones are first coated with a conductive paint and then submerged in a copper-rich electrochemical solution for approximately six to twenty-four hours.

During the electroforming process copper molecules are attracted to the conductive paint to then form a copper bezel which transforms them into their own unique piece.

To finalise the process each piece is then tumbled, blackened and buffed to create the beautiful jewels our Indie and Harper customers are purchasing. 


As with any metal, Sterling Silver can and will most likely tarnish over time. Tarnish is completely normal - so don't forget to polish me regularly lovely!

• Use a polishing cloth and rub vigorously to remove unwanted tarnish.
• If the tarnished areas will not budge, use water and/or metal polishing solution to help with removal.
• Ensure to pat dry afterwards. 


Copper jewellery naturally oxidises over time creating a unique patina, using a polishing cloth regularly will ensure your piece stays shiny but to ensure you get the most out of your copper jewellery and to prevent tarnishing we recommend the following tips:

• Store in a cool dry area as any dampness may cause discoloration.
• Remove before washing hands as any moisture can cause tarnishing.
• Remove pieces before using hand lotion/cream or perfumes as the chemicals in these products may affect the copper.
• Remove jewellery before you go to bed to prevent any accidental bending whilst sleeping.


If you have any other questions regarding the care of your jewels please email any enquiries to sales@indieandharper.com and we will endeavor to respond within 1-3 business days. Alternatively please fill out our Contact Form Here


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