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Get the Look: Bohemian Garden Party

Get the Look: Bohemian Garden Party -

With the cold Winter months quickly coming to an end and warmer summer nights almost in sight, getting outdoors and amongst the greenery beneath the sun is all we really want to do, right? So, what better time to start preparing for those glorious summer days than with our ‘Get the Look’ guide to creating the ultimate bohemian garden party in your own backyard?

Bohemian style is all about layering colours, patterns and textures to create a unique and artistic gypsy look, inspired by the natural elements of earth, wind and fire. Ever wondered how to turn your backyard into a dreamy gypsy abode for you and your closest friends to relax in and escape to?

Here are some DIY tips to creating the ultimate bohemian garden party in your very own backyard:

Pitch your tent




Build your tent out of anything you might have in your house. Pitch some sarongs, crochet blankets or white sheets to create the perfect cosy shelter for your bohemian party.

Hang some lights




Find some old glass jars and fill them with candles to dangle over branches and hang over your picnic setting to add a festival vibe to your garden party. Try adding some fairy lights or lanterns to hang off surrounding tree branches.

Layer tapestries and rugs

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 12.01.48 pm.png

Sarongs, rugs, sheets- whatever you have in your wardrobe! Throw down and layer to create a lush and comfortable seating area for you and your guests to enjoy.


Colourful cushions




Make sure to throw down as many colourful pillows as possible. Not only do they provide extra comfort for your guests, they also add to the vibrant and festival vibe of your bohemian party.


Flower power




Embrace the natural beauty surrounding your garden party by including elements of nature. Start by collecting fresh flowers of different sizes and colours. Tie them into bunches and place them in glass jars around your picnic, hanging some tree branches as well.



Dream catchers



Dream catchers are the perfect way to bring bohemian to the outdoors. Try hanging different sized dream catchers from tree branches in between your fairy lights and paper lanterns to create the ultimate bohemian ambience.



Create your ultimate feast



The best part of all in our opinion! Creating the ultimate cheese platter feast is all about choosing your favourite creamy cheese, exotic fruits, crackers fresh fruits and delicious colourful dips as possible. Enjoy your gorgeous surroundings with friends and indulge yourselves in your beautiful spread!

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