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How to Make a Flower Crown 🌻

A Step-by-Step Tutorial 

If you have a date with your bestie, an upcoming wedding or just always wanted to know how, we've created an easy step-by-step guide to making your very own flower crown.

What better way to welcome spring into your home than a wearable bouquet of flowers 💐

1. Tools

First things first. Go ahead and get yourself a nice big space to work in, the tools below and put on your favourite songs to sing along to!


  • Lots of flowers!
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Self-adhering floristry tape
  • Florists wire
  • Hobby wire

Optional: Wire cutters, secateurs

Bunch of Flowers on a Table

2. Prep

Grab all of your tools, ready to go and get started! 

The first step is cutting your wire. We recommend about 6-7cm long. You'll need quite a few so, go ahead and cut up your whole pack of wire.

Cutting Floristry Wire For A Flower Crown

3. Wire and Tape

Each flower you use will need to be wired, to create stability and allow you to manipulate where they sit on the flower crown more easily. Then it will be taped, to secure the wire to the flower.

Here are a few different wiring techniques we used:

Assembling A Flower Crown
Piercing Method 

(for larger flowers such as carnations and roses)

  • Using a wire, pierce the flower near the base and thread halfway through
  • Bend both sides of the wire down to meet the stem
  • Stretch and wind the floral tape over the wire and stem tightly
Assembling A Flower Crown
Stitch Method

(for leaves and ferns)

  • With the underside of the leaf facing you, pierce and thread the wire through either side of the spine.
  • Bend both sides of the wire down to meet the stem
  • Stretch and wind the floral tape over the wire and leaf stem tightly
Assembling A Flower Crown
Cluster Method

(for delicate, very small flowers such as Statice, Geraldton Wax, Pink Silver Limonium)

  • Bend both sides of the wire down from the middle to make a hairpin shape
  • Holding the stem of the flower, place the pin behind the group of flowers, meeting the end of the pin with the end of the stem
  • Stretch and wind the floral tape over the wire and stem tightly
Assembling A Flower Crown

4. Shape Headband

Using the Hobby Wire, roughly measure the circumference of your head. It doesn't need to be perfect or meet in the back because we'll also be using ribbon to tie it together.

Next, cut your wire and bend the end inward.

Then, using the floristry tape, secure the wire to itself. Repeat for the other side.

Bending Hobby Wire for a Flower Crown

5. Assembly

Working from one end of the headband wire, place a flower towards the beginning of the wire and lay it as flat as possible before securing it with tape.

It's best to stack the flowers together closely so you won't be able to see any gaps. You can also put leaves behind the wire to create more depth.

As you go along the wire, try to make sure they are all facing outward in the same direction. This way, when it's being worn, the flowers can all be seen.

Continue this process all the way to the other end of the wire.

Assembling a Flower Crown

6. Final Steps

By now your flower crown is looking gorgeous and is almost ready to be worn!

Grab the ribbon colour of your choice and cut 2 pieces approximately 30cm long (you can always trim as needed).

Tie each ribbon securely to the loops you've created in your headband and try on your flower crown to see how it sits.

At this stage, you can trim the ribbon to the length you prefer and bend any flowers to point in the direction that suits the crown best.

Lastly, enjoy! 

We hope you had as much fun as we did making a beautiful, wearable piece of art. And, if you have any leftover flowers you can dry them and pop them in a vase on your kitchen table or use them for other crafts!

Assembling a Flower Crown

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