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Making Your Life Crystal Clear Through Quartz Crystals

Quartz is the most popular stone to use for clarity, balance and healing.
Through amplifying energies, quartz will bring your life balance as well as transferring powerful vibes through your soul to those around you.
Quartz is a stone of harmony which makes it perfect for balancing and harmonising the environment you are in. 

The Power of Quartz Crystals

Quartz crystals are often referred to as master healing crystals whereby it is believed that they can be used to heal any condition or purifying anything they are needed for.
They have a unique power to take on the energy of any situation. Quartz draws energies from the environment it is in to help cleanse the aura surrounding it, it is the perfect crystal to balance out negative and positivity energies.
Rose quartz is more specific to the healing of your heart, emitting strong vibrations of love it will brighten your aura with love and understanding. Letting go of pain in the first place is the first step, then allowing rose quartz to remove the tension and replace the toxic emotions taking up space in your heart is the next step.
Rose Quartz will provide clarity to your heart and allow you to love freely throughout the world in all relationships or friendships.

Crystal Healing with Quartz Crystals

An alternative method of healing your mind, body and soul is using stones/crystals to bring your body to a balance both physically and mentally.
Quartz is the perfect stone to use when wanting to cleanse and heal, its energies enable it to release, store, absorb and regulate.
Quartz helps you strengthen the energy you put out, it helps you increase your personal growth but to be effective you need to truly focus on putting your energy into your quartz stone. 

Quartz Jewellery

Allow yourself to connect with purifying energy that quartz jewellery can bring you through wearing quartz crystal jewellery. 
By wearing quartz jewels it is constantly bringing you healing properties from the quartz stone itself, allowing clarity and focus.
Clear quartz crystal is the most well-known out of the quartz varieties, but it comes in many colours including rose and smokey quartz.
All styles of quartz are used in unique pieces of jewellery.

Cleansing Your Quartz

There are many different to cleanse your crystals, sometimes it is best to find what works for you but the most popular (and easy!) way to clean your quartz crystals is through smoke.
Using a herb such as sage, allow the tip to smoke and simply immerse your quartz in the smoke for several minutes. This will place your crystal on a clean slate and will allow it to take in more of the emotions you're releasing to bring out the best energies for you.

Why do we love Quartz?

Not only do we love the hidden benefits that quartz stone provides us but here at Indie and Harper we are absolutely in love with the simplistic magic that quartz shines brightly with.
Although they may look simple, these beauties are some of the most fascinating gems on the planet!
Through our gorgeous quartz jewels we have learnt how beautiful they look on each individual, with each piece looking a little bit different, this gorgeous stone is one not to be missed!



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