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Creative Cancer

Tuesdays, Fridays, Thursdays and Sunday
Ruling Planet: 
Lucky Numbers: 
2,7 & 9
June 22- July 22
White, Silver
Sensitive, Artistic, Intuitive, Protective
Greatest Compatibility: 
Pisces, Taurus and Scorpio
Overly sensitive, moody, overthinking
Cancer likes: 
Safety and closeness, comedy, being at home or near the water
Cancer dislikes: 
Rejection, unfamiliar environments, unexpected changes

Cancer in Love 

Since Cancers are generally very in touch with their emotions, they value and treasure feelings of love. Due to their sensitivity, often Cancers are more in tune to how their partners are feeling. When they find someone who is in alignment with what their heart desires, they fall in love fast, with great commitment and loyalty.  

Cancer with Friends and Family

Cancers will generally look for consistency in friendships, sticking with a couple of close friends who they know they can depend on and who feel like family. Cancers love to nurture their close ones with love and affection, although they can sometimes struggle to communicate openly when they are caught up in their emotions. They are very protective over those in their tribe, but there is no hiding how you feel from a Cancer. They can often sense how their friends and family really feel, and may know that something is off before you even have to tell them! This makes them a truly supportive friend to have around. So just know, if a Cancer chooses to keep you close, it means they deeply care about you and always want you to feel at home with them.

Cancer with Careers and Money

Safety and stability are important for Cancers when searching for a job. They tend to lean towards nurturing careers, in caregiving professions or jobs related to history in some way. We often see Cancers thriving in roles of counselling, due to their high levels of compassion and emotional intelligence. They also make great nurses, teachers and real estate agents! Cancers have a strong need to maintain a stable and peaceful family life, so love to contribute financially any way they can. Due to their self-protective nature, Cancers like to guard their free time away from work and spend a lot of it at home. Cancers are very diligent and caring, a supportive coworker everyone loves to have around. Although, they always seem to be saving for a rainy day, so are encouraged to take more risks! 

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