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Gregarious Gemini

Ruling Planet: 
Lucky Numbers: 
5 & 6
May 21 - June 21
Green, Yellow, Orange
Talkative, Social, Disorganised, Inquisitive
Greatest Compatibility: 
Aquarius, Libra, Aries
Indecisive, Superficial, Judgemental, Inconsistent
Gemini likes: 
Talking, learning, drama, variety in life
Gemini dislikes: 
Routines, sensitive people, being alone, repitition

Gemini in Love 

Geminis are sometimes known as the "players" of the zodiac when it comes to commitment. It's not that they don't like to commit, but rather they like to keep their options open until they find someone who can truly keep up with their intellect and fast-paced conversations.

Gemini with Friends and Family

Though Gemini make friends easily, they also have trouble devoting all of their attention to them since their mind is constantly going a mile a minute! If you do have a Gemini friend, you know they are the type that always has your back, encourages you to be your best self and is forever inviting you on incredible adventures.

Gemini with Careers and Money

Due to the fast thinking, clever and flexible nature of Geminis, they are often suited for almost any career path.

Thriving in conversation, Geminis make great journalists, head of PR or novelists. They also make enthusiastic and fun teachers due to their love of learning and talking.

While amazing in any role, Geminis need to be mindful as entrepreneurs. With a tendency to lean towards disorganisation and indecision, self-discipline is a must. This is also true when it comes to money. Their frivolous nature means money can easily come and go, but with a little determination, they can improve their saving skills over time.

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