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Here at Indie and Harper we are passionate about protecting the world we live in, so that future generations will get to experience the beauty of nature just as we have! We are always looking at ways in which we can be sustainable, from our packaging to our warehouse, we find new ways everyday! We want to share with you the practises within Indie and Harper HQ that we follow to contribute to a more sustainable future! 




From the outside of the box, to the logo on the back and even the glue, our gorgeous Indie and Harper boxes that all your special jewels are sent out in are made out of 100% recycled materials!

The boxes themselves are made out of recycled grey board and Natural Kraft paper. The inner grey board is made of recycled pulp from the waste paper, which is not the original pulp from wood. This is the same for the Natural Kraft paper with both being able to be broken down and recycled. 

Within the inside of the box we have recyclable and environmentally friendly materials that protect your jewels from any harm!





Creating a sustainable warehouse is important here at the Indie and Harper HQ, so we are always trying to take footsteps towards becoming more sustainable.

Steps we have taken to become more environmentally friendly have developed through:

  • Everyone having their own keep cup (read more below!)
  • Using only 100% recycled paper
  • Having energy efficient LED fixtures. We are so fortunate to have so much natural light here at    HQ that we dont have to turn out lights on very often
  • Re-using materials and finding a new purpose so they can be used over and over again
  • Using green products where ever possible
  • Compost bin for all our food scraps
  • Recycling bins to fill and send off to recycling centres

    Keep Cups

    On top of being overall creating a sustainable warehouse, a product we use every single day is our keep cups! 

    Each member of our I+H team has their own unique cup, not only do they look cute but they have stopped us using plastic takeaway cups when buying a well needed coffee. 

    Everyone has their own, unique keep cup from our gorgeous friends at Public Holiday- Click HERE to see their site!



      Food Waste

      It is important to us at Indie and Harper that any food does not go to waste, at our HQ we ensure that all our food scraps are recycled accordingly.
      A step we follow to guarantee this is through our girl boss Cathy.
      Cathy has three chickens that roam free in her backyard - Rainbow, Magic and Loveheart (as named by her three gorgeous girsl!).
      Everyday we sort our any of our food scraps and a little bin is filled for her to take home and reuse by providing them to her chickens. 
      It's a beautiful way for us all to get involved and do our part for the environment!





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