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5 Self-Care Rituals to Practice Every Day

More and more as time goes on, self-care is becoming spoken about which is an amazing step towards helping issues with mental health and wellbeing that are quite prominent in this day and age. 
One of the biggest aspects of self-care is finding what works for you, whether it's sitting outside in the sun for five minutes or whether it's sitting in silence and reflecting.
We know every individual is different, but we have compiled a list of five self-care rituals that we at the HQ find help us and are also a good starting point for those looking to get their mental health on track.

1. Walk Around The Block

It's a simple sounding task but stepping outside and turning off your screens/electronics is one of the best things you can do for yourself on a daily basis.
A short walk where you can take in some fresh air, sun and appreciate the world for what it is will help reduce muscle tension and blood pressure. 
Listen to the calming sounds of the birds and the wind to help you feel more relaxed and balanced.
By sitting outside or walking around, you will notice a change in your mood and productivity and you only have to spend ten minutes of your day doing this!

2. Write

Keeping a diary or journal may seem like a task that is for teenagers, or teens that watch romance movies but writing down thoughts and feelings can truly help your mind heal or rejoice depending on the situation at hand.
People of all ages can really benefit from writing down how they feel or recounting what their day consisted of. It doesn't always have to be old fashioned either!
There is many resources through technology (such as the notes app on your computer or phone/tablet!) that could be used too!
Journaling helps clarify thoughts and feelings, nut out solutions or conflicts  and all in all connects you to your internal self. 
The best part is, this process reflects any growth or changes you undergo, which can be very rewarding.

3. Take a Bath

A warm soak in a bath is known to reduce stress, improve mood and assist in releasing tensions whether physical or mental.
Many people add essential oils or light a candle to reap in more benefits in the air around them. Immerse yourself in your own haven, use this time to truly switch off and relax in your own body and world.
H20 has soothing elements that have been known to treat anxiety and pain so whether it’s a physical issue or mental issue that is blocking your path to optimal wellbeing, a bath may be exactly what you need.

4. Meditate

Meditation is one of the most popular forms of self-care, and is the main aspect associated with it when you first think of self-care.
Whether it is for ten minutes or longer, there is no money needed to meditate or any special equipment… it is just you and the power of your mind and body.
There are many meditation techniques that work for different people, but the most common idea surrounding it is focusing on internal presence and stillness while allowing your mind to switch off.
Meditation can reduce stress, improve concentration and increase productivity.


5. Try your hand at Colouring

Over the past few years there has been an increase in adult colouring books, art therapy has proven that it helps people clarify how they feel, resolve conflicts, reduce anxiety and tackle stress.
It may seem silly but taking some time out to put pencil, marking or crayons in between some lines, helps create a calming meditative effect that will bring more benefits than you’d ever think!


There are millions of little things that can assist self-care, it is a trial and error process for every individual as they find out what works for them and what isn't so good. If you begin with daily self-care rituals, they will slowly become habits whether it daily, weekly or monthly - whatever works for you!
Give our five ideas a try and see how much clarity you feel mentally, and how relaxed you feel physically on your path to achieving optimal health and wellbeing. 

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