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Aquamarine - The meaning behind your March birthstone...

For all those who are born in March, Aquamarine is your traditional birthstone with gorgeous oceanic tones and beautiful meaning. 
Aquamarine is mostly light in tone and ranges from blue to blue-green, usually the larger the stone the more intense the colour can be. It is calming, soothing and cleansing whilst inspiring truth, trust and letting go.
Although Aquamarine is special to those who are March babies, this stone is believed to share its benefits with whoever wears it or keeps it near.
Read on to find out more about this gorgeous stone…

History behind Aquamarine...

Based on its gorgeous colours, Aquamarine is derived from the Latin word aqua meaning water, and marina meaning the sea.
The Aquamarine gemstone was believed to protect sailors as well as guaranteeing them a safe voyage.
It was also associated with opening the channels of love, symbolising long unity and love so was therefore often a popular gift to young brides at their weddings.

What are the benefits of Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is a stone of spiritual awareness, enlightenment and the ability to become attuned to your own emotions.
It has the unique ability to soothe and calm others as well as the holder.
Due to Aquamarine’s calming properties, it helps you see clearly, think clearly and act clearly.
Aquamarine provides you with the clarity to make intellectual decisions in all aspects of life.

How do you get the most out of Aquamarine?

It is most ideal to wear Aquamarine in jewellery form, close to skin, this would work in necklaces, rings and bracelets.

If close to skin, the stone has a direct connection to the energies of your body and can surround you with clarity and protective energy.

Placing Aquamarine physically in your house is also a way to receive benefits, by placing the stone in areas that there is emotional congestion or areas that need clarity.

Why do we love Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is a beautiful, tranquil stone that stands out with its blue/green hues. We love the range of different colours that this stone can be but also how aquamarine compliments a range of skin tones.
The clarity that this stone can provide as well as a sense of calmness it provides is one of the main reasons it stands out to us.
Whether it is in jewellery or stand alone, Aquamarine is a gorgeous stone for all.

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