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Autonomous Aquarius

Lucky Days: 
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Ruling Planet: 
Saturn & Uranus
Lucky Numbers: 
2, 3, 7 & 9
January 20 - February 18
Deep Blue and Turquoise
Clever, Analytical, Creative, Independent
Greatest Compatibility: 
Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
Inflexible, Detached, Stubborn
Aquarius likes: 
Quiet time, music, history, family and friends
Aquarius dislikes: 
Authority, conformity, dishonesty

Aquarius in Love 

Attracted to intelligence, Aquarians want to find out everything they can about you. Not necessarily your feelings or hobbies but the facts - what experiences have you had, where have you travelled, what's your opinion on politics.

Though they are considered an eccentric star sign, they tend to be less accepting of this in their partner. They need to keep their independence or they may feel threatened and go cold. If you're up for stimulating, intelligent conversations that keep you on your toes and undying commitment and loyalty, you would be well suited for an Aquarian.

Aquarius with Friends and Family

Aquarians have a strong devotion to their friends and family. They'd do anything for them and in return expect honesty and support. 

It can take a very long time to feel like you really know an Aquarian but overall they tend to be easy to get along with and fun to be around.

Aquarius with Careers and Money

The Aquarius sign is best suited for helping work - humanitarianism, social workers and medical workers all make great careers for an Aquarian.

While they can sometimes be unpredictable in their actions, Aquarians are actually very good at saving and investing. Their ability to treat money as a tool means they understand where to use their money and how to make more if needed.

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