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Earth Week 2023

Invest In Our Planet

"Invest in Our Planet"

At a rally, a cleanup, with your vote, or your wallet, be heard however you are able.

What is Earth Week?

On April 22nd of every year, the entire world is invited to celebrate Earth Day. It’s the largest environmental movement in the world and aims to diversify, educate and activate the movement worldwide. 🌎In order to make the most of the event, many countries practice Earth Week to extend the time focused on this important cause. This year we will be celebrating from April 16th- April 22nd.

What is the focus for 2023?

The Earth Day 2023 theme is focused on engaging the more than 1 billion people, governments, institutions, and businesses who participate in Earth Day to recognize our collective responsibility and to help accelerate the transition to an equitable, prosperous green economy for all. We are focused on reframing the conversation, accelerating action, and bringing everyone together to understand that this is within our reach if we work together.  

Whether you are taking actions virtually or in person - you can join the largest environmental movement on Earth!

"A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people "

Don’t underestimate your power. When your voice and actions are united with millions of others around the world, we can create an inclusive and impactful movement that is impossible to ignore.

How can I learn more?

Take a quiz! has so many quizzes to help test your knowledge and teach you everything you need to know! Here are a few of our favourites:

Climate Change Quiz

Upcycled Foods Quiz

What Endangered Species Are You Quiz

I+H partnerships for conservation


 Each bracelet:

  • pulls 1 lb (0.45 kg) of trash from the ocean
  • is made of 100% 4Ocean recovered plastic cord
  • is made with 95% post-consumer recycled glass beads
  • is made using 100% recycled stainless steel charms


We currently sponsor 3 koalas, helping to protect them against decimating populations, upscaling the capacity of wildlife hospitals for them and protecting and restoring their forest homes.

Sea Shepherd

With each sale of our Whale Tail necklace, $5.00 is donated to Sea Shepherd who help defend, conserve and protect our ocean and its' wildlife.

National Geographic + Lokai

To help raise awareness of wildlife, we have included in our collections the Lokai National Geographic range. This collection was inspired by the wildlife photography of the National Geographic Photo Ark — a multiyear effort that aims to photograph every species living in the world’s zoos and wildlife sanctuaries, inspire action through education, and help protect wildlife by supporting on-the-ground conservation projects.

Use your voice, and take the various EARTHDAY.ORG actions with the links below, and use our customizable graphics templates on Canva, a free-to-use online graphic design website. You can access the graphic template via any browser, and share on your social media. 


  • Each action name below is linked to the Canva image.

  • Edit each image to say what you’re doing for Earth Day!

  • Download your image and post it on your social media. Link your social media posts to the Call to Action link.

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