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Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals

12 of the Best Stones for Healing Mind, Body and Soul

Used for everything from ailments to emotional trauma and spiritual healing, these 12 stones are essential for every crystal collector.

1. Amazonite

Said to have a soothing effect on the nervous system, Amazonite encourages personal growth, inner calm and helps to provide balance to the heart chakra.


Amazonite can also be useful for seeing problems more clearly, and being true to yourself and is recommended to keep with you when you want to enhance communication with someone.


By calming the brain and nervous system as well as ridding the body of negative energy, this crystal is said to help relieve muscle spasms, body pains, and aid with anxiety and depression.

Amazonite Crystal

2. Apatite

For those who struggle to feel seen or heard, the Apatite crystal is said to help you step out into the world with confidence. Apatite is a stone of manifestation and is best used by being worn as a reminder to set intentions and see them through. 


Releasing grief, and allowing you to embrace peace and joy, this stone also helps to let go of pain and has an uplifting, relaxing energy.


Said to aid with the immune system, Blue Apatite can also be used to soothe headaches and to stimulate eyesight.

Apatite Crystal

3. Azurite

Said to be a complete emotional cleanser, helping to ease anxiety and worry, Azurite shines a light on all corners of your soul. This crystal can enhance inner wisdom allowing you to gain a better understanding of your fears and give you the courage to correct these patterns.


Azurite also has a transformative quality that stimulates creativity, intuition and inspiration.


When it comes to healing stones for moods, Azurite truly shines. Cleansing the aura and a chakra healer, this stone removes blockages from energy points, helping to keep vibrations flowing.

Azurite Crystal

4. Chrysoprase

A stone known to be used for optimism and compassion, Chrysoprase is the best stone for manifesting joy and prosperity. As a heart chakra crystal, it will help rid you of toxic emotions and help attract love.


This calming stone will encourage you to be open to new situations and see your future more clearly. Soothing heartache and loneliness, Chrysoprase is often used for inner strength and inner peace.


Chrysoprase is also said to be useful for balancing hormones, healing digestive systems and arthritis. 

Chrysoprase Crystal

5. Citrine

Used to motivate those feeling held down in life, Citrine helps to raise self-esteem and confidence allowing you to express yourself fully. Connecting with intelligence, Citrine helps to inspire new ideas by providing mental clarity.


Like sunshine on a warm day, Citrine promotes a positive mood and good vibes. Using Citrine can help you let go of negativity and confusion and embrace joy.


Connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra and Sacral Chakra, Citrine helps you to stay grounded and centred.

Citrine Crystal

6. Fluorite

Promoting clarity and intuition, Fluorite is a powerful stone used to stabilise emotions. Making you aware of suppressed feelings, this crystal can also help remove fixed patterns of behaviour.


Drawing off negative energy, Fluorite can help you put things in perspective and see the bigger picture.


Fluorite is said to aid with regeneration in the body and cleanse and purify anything that is not in perfect working order.   

Fluorite Crystal

7. Lapis Lazuli

Revealing deeper truths, inner strength and showing the way to authenticity, Lapis Lazuli is known for many healing properties.  A stone of self-expression, it can be used to help you bond with others, create life-long friendships and allow you to speak your truth.


Lapis Lazuli encourages taking charge of your life, not compromising or holding back, and letting go of repressed feelings. It is believed that with this stone in hand, you can find ways to deal with emotional and mental traumas, which allows you to take responsibility for your life rather than blaming others.


Believed to ease pain caused by migraines, the Lapis Lazuli crystal has also been used to help with insomnia and depression.  

Lapis Lazuli Crystal

8. Larimar

With flowing shades of blue like the ocean, Larimar provides inner calm and peace, bringing tranquillity to your heart and soul. This stone is said to be especially useful for those with phobias and panic attacks by helping to release stress and excessive fear.


Larimar is said to awaken the divine feminine within. It emanates vivaciousness and confidence to enhance a sense of innate power. It helps women to call on the goddess within to manifest their higher purpose in life.


Due to its calming energy, Larimar is believed to help with stress-related health concerns, such as insomnia, skin disorders and anxiety.

Larimar Crystal

9. Malachite

A stone of transformation, Malachite aids in personal and spiritual growth during big life changes. With deep shades of green, it personifies the healing powers of the forest from the trees, flowers and plants.


Malachite is also a powerful stone for protection. It helps to flush out toxic emotions, negative energy and gives you the confidence to know when things aren't as they seem. 


When it comes to pain, Malachite is believed to be especially helpful for cramps and menstrual pain. As Malachite absorbs so much energy, it needs to be cleansed before and after each use.

Malachite Crystal

10. Obsidian

Made of molten lava that has cooled extremely quickly, Obsidian is known to protect against negative energy. It draws out stress and tension in the mind and body allowing us to explore new horizons.


Restoring harmony to the root chakra, Obsidian helps to ground you and empower you to overcome challenges. This stone is helpful to highly sensitive people as it protects them from mental distress and those who may drain their energy.


Obsidian is believed to aid in circulation, rejuvenating deep tissue and digestion.     

Obsidian Crystal

11. Onyx

Onyx is a grounding stone that encourages feelings of safety and serenity. Helping to assist with grief and loss, Onyx promotes resilience and emotional healing.


A root chakra stone, Onyx is believed to help with grounding by helping you to master self-control and trust your authentic self. Onyx is great to have at work or where you need help to focus and stay on task.


Since it is said to amplify focus, Onyx is also believed to help with financial strength and goals. It is the perfect stone for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Onyx Crystal

12. Rhodochrosite

With a nurturing rose colour, Rhodochrosite is a stone of self-love and compassion for ourselves and others. This stone helps to form a link between your heart and your solar plexus, helping you gather the courage to love yourself fully. Rhodochrosite helps to relieve emotional and mental abuse from the past by reminding you of positive affirmations and removing negative thoughts that may arise.


Rhodochrosite will help you to face irrational fears and destructive behaviour and thought patterns while improving self-worth and soothing emotional stress.


Said to help relieve migraines at the back of your neck, this stone is also believed to help with circulation and mental imbalances.     

Rhodochrosite Crystal

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