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Level-Headed Libra

Sunday, Monday & Tuesday
Ruling Planet: 
Lucky Numbers: 
5,6 & 9
September 23rd - October 22nd
Blue & Jade Green
Easy-going, diplomatic, codependent, artistic
Greatest Compatibility: 
Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius
People-pleasing, indecisive, avoid conflict
Libra likes: 
Harmony, outdoors, meeting new people
Libra dislikes: 
Confrontation, making big decisions, criticism

Libra in Love 

Libras are known to love the beautiful things in life, including love. They easily become love drunk but their loyalty means they aren't just in it for a temporary fling. Libras tend to have a vibrant, extroverted exterior but a self-conscious and insecure interior. A soulmate for Libras will be able to truly see them and love every part of their personality.

Libra with Friends and Family

By nature, Libras are people-pleasers and unfocused. That means your Libra friend will be there for you in a heartbeat when you need a shoulder to cry on but, they'll need to leave quickly to head to another commitment. They have trouble saying ‘no’ and always want to avoid conflict which can sometimes lead to situations where they have overloaded themselves with responsibilities, causing them to burn out.

Libra with Careers and Money

Not suited for rigidity, Libras are best in roles where they can bring opposing things to balance while managing their workload autonomously.  They won't shy away from the spotlight and appreciate the attention and paycheck that come with a senior role.

When it comes to money, the calm and balancing nature of Libras means they are great with money. Ruled by Venus, they love the finer things in life but, they always know how to stretch their budget to make sure they're never without.

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