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Tenacious Taurus

Ruling Planet: 
Lucky Numbers: 
5 & 6
April 20- May 20
Pink, Green, Black
Stubborn, Creative, Down-to-Earth, Relaxed
Greatest Compatibility: 
Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn
Indecisive, Stubborn, Materialistic, Untrusting
Taurus likes: 
Relaxing, shopping, displays of affection, music, stability
Taurus dislikes: 
Sudden changes, complications, being rushed, uncomfortable surroundings

Taurus in Love 

Ruled by the planet of love and affection, Taurus tend to be relationship-oriented creatures. Valuing stability and consistency highly, they also don't mind an over-the-top lavish gift or expensive getaway. 

Taurus with Friends and Family

BFF's for life is probably a sentiment dreamed up by a Taurus. They aren't just loyal, but once you're in with a Taurus, they'll be your 'ride or die' for life. That said, it can be hard to break through to their inner circle. They can be weary of outsiders and untrusting in the best of times. Make sure to always be honest and down-to-earth if you want them to consider letting you in.

Taurus with Careers and Money

Dependable, hardworking and loyal, Taurus make great employees. While social work or nursing may not be a great fit due to the interpersonal relationships and constantly changing nature of those careers, Bulls make incredible artists, entrepreneurs in the fashion or beauty industry, and even accountants.

Ruled by Venus, Goddess of Money, the bulls have one of the best incomes in the zodiac. Since they are hard, diligent workers they find great employment. Though they like the finer things in life, and splurge here and there, their bank account does not suffer for it.

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