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Vibrant Virgo

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Ruling Planet: 
Lucky Numbers: 
5,6 & 2
August 23 - September 22
Humble, Practical, Ruminative, Kind
Greatest Compatibility: 
Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio
Perfectionists, overly critical, judgemental
Virgo likes: 
Reading, Punctuality, Organisation & Nature
Virgo dislikes: 
Rudeness, Asking for help, Being the centre of attention & Messiness

Virgo in Love 

Virgos are attracted to intelligence and cleanliness. They will need someone who can challenge them but are also willing to stick it out for the long run and continue to prove their character and kindness until the Virgo can be sure they've made the right decision.

Virgo with Friends and Family

If you're having trouble making a decision and looking for advice, a Virgo friend will be the best person to go to. They will always try to help and nurture your relationship for years and years. 

Devoted to their families, Virgo also make wonderful caretakers for their elders when the time comes.

Virgo with Careers and Money

Analytical and practical, Virgos shine in roles that require organisation, paperwork and project planning. Though their artistic side makes them great art critics, their longing to help often makes them wonderful nurses and Psychologists.

Being very practical, Virgos tend to be great at saving. However, their dislike of spending can sometimes end up leading to being a bit cheap and missing out on fun experiences.

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