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i+h Wellness Giveaway

October Wellness Giveaway Products

With the silly season right around the corner, it's important to take a moment to look after ourselves.


That's why we've put together a Wellness Giveaway for one special member of the i+h tribe!

Sumer Salt Body

We believe beauty rests within nature, so all of our products are formulated using raw, plant-based ingredients that all serve a purpose in nourishing your skin.

Summer Salt Body is an all natural & vegan friendly Australian skincare and wellness brand that takes inspiration from natural healing remedies to nourish your skin and make you feel wonderful!



Raw Beauty Bundle

Crystal Infused Soy Candle - Amethyst x Sandalwood & Vanilla

Vegan Collagen Eye Mask (Gold)

Vegan Collagen Lip Mask (Gold)

Summer Salt Body

Spill the Tea Co.

To me, spilling tea is having long chats with some close friends about anything and everything. One minute we laugh, next cry and cover thousands of, probably useless topics, in under an hour...

Spill the Tea Co was created from this initial habit, lack of options, my passion for health, wellness, sustainability and of course, tea. 7 beautiful blends made with lots of love and thought through small batch blending powerful, ethically sourced herbs and fruit - resulting in the cutest, most delicious daily ritual! 


3x Full Size Teas:

All Sorts Are Good Sorts

Emotional Wreck

Spill The Tea

Tea Strainer

Spill The Tea Co. Tote Bag

Dried Oranges

Spill The Tea Co.

Allira Potter x The Witch Apprentice

Living in sync with the rhythm of life, our internal clocks attuned to nature's strife. We honour the season, the turning wheel, in harmony, our spirits heal.

The Witch Apprentice

Inspired by the profound energy of the moon, I have curated an assortment of offerings including cleansing sprays, essential oil blends, roll-on perfumes, bath salts, and candles. Each item is meticulously crafted to enhance moon magick rituals and deepen your connection to lunar energy.


Manifestation Spray + Manifestation Bath Soak: 

This enchanting spray is meticulously crafted to elevate your manifestation journey to new heights. Harnessing the mystical powers of energy healing and grounding, it not only aids in manifesting your deepest desires but also promotes a sense of balance and harmony.

The Witch Apprentice

I listen to my soul's needs and honour them, whatever they may be.

Allira Potter

Allira Potter is a proud Yorta Yorta, a trained reiki practitioner, intuitive reader, energy healer, life coach and meditation guide. Allira’s practice is fully immersed around culture, cultural awareness, and education, with a focus on debunking the wellness narrative to ensure diverse representation and decolonisation of a white-dominated wellness space.


Wild & Witchy by Allira Potter

Allira Potter Book

Cleanse & Co.

Each product I have created through Cleanse & Co help me everyday and that's why I share them with you all. I got through the rough sea that I thought would drown me and I now live in the light.

Cleanse & Co. aims to support and guide people throughout their journeys using alternative tools and practises that have been around for centuries, with a modern-day, contemporary approach. We place a lot of emphasis on the power of intention, affirmation and energetic frequencies to transform or enhance states of mind and perspectives. 


Moonstone Intention Candle - Whole & Connected

I Am Roller - Manifest

Guidance Cards

Cleanse and Co.

Frank and Lazuli

I'm a female-founded business owner passionate about clean beauty, self-care and spending as much time in Mother Nature.

FRANK AND LAZULI is an independent artisan perfumery label, focused on working strictly with raw materials of natural origin. Our Natural Perfumes are formulated without the use of synthetic chemicals or fragrances. 

We are passionate about building a clean beauty brand specialising in natural perfume oils.

We don't use any toxic chemicals or synthetic fragrances containing endocrine-disrupting ingredients. All ingredients are certified organic where possible & vegan and cruelty-free.


Blush Natural Perfume Oil

Nightfall Natural Perfume Oil

Rose + Lavender Bath Soak

Amethyst Crystal

Handmade Card

Frank and Lazuli

Indie and Harper

Don't take things too seriously and do what makes you happy!

indie and harper was founded in 2014 as an Australian-owned, bohemian brand that would uplift women and give them a place to adorn themselves with jewels that best reflect their true selves.

Today, indie and harper has 10 collections to represent all of the beautifully unique styles of bohemian women.


Moonstone Double Band Ring

Moonstone Four Points Necklace

Moonstone Stud Earrings

Dainty Moonstone Hoops

Thin Silver Cord Bracelet

Moonstone Bracelet

Indie and Harper Moonstone Jewellery

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