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Our How-To Guide on Closing Your i + h Earrings

We understand that earrings come with all different clasps and finishes that may be slightly confusing if you have not had this current style before, so we are here to help!

Continue reading for the different clasps we have and how they work:

The Stud
This is the most common type and the easiest! 
Take off the back of the stud and pop the earring through your ear, slide the back on again until it touches the back of your ear.

The Hook
Our hooks are a beautiful finish for some of our statement earrings.
Slide the hook through your earlobe and ensure it is secure before heading out to showcase your new jewel!

The Continuous/Endless Hoop
Whilst looking beautiful, these endless hoops can be quite tricky!
Firstly, make sure you have a mirror nearby - this will help make things easier if you can see what you are doing! 
Each hoop has a tube which is usually the hoop itself and a thin wire post which goes through your ear piercing. 
Gently pull the wire post out of the tube and place it through your piercing, after this is through, look in your mirror and place the post back into the tube until it sits nicely and feels secure. 

The Traditional Clasp/The Sleeper
Our dainty hoops showcase a beautiful, traditional clasp - ensure you are gentle with these ones. 
Open the hoop by lifting the loop up, put the hoop through your piercing from front to back and put the hook back through the loop.

 If you have any further questions about your earrings, please email us and our sales team will be able to help you with your enquiry!

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