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Sensual Scorpio

Lucky Days: 
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
Ruling Planet: 
Pluto & Mars
Lucky Numbers: 
1,4,2 & 7
October 23 - November 21
Deep red, maroon, black & brown
Dedicated, Intuitive, Obsessive, Caring
Greatest Compatibility: 
Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio
Revengeful, Intimidating, Defensive
Scorpio likes: 
Mysteries, Privacy, Deep Conversations, Shopping
Scorpio dislikes: 
Dishonesty, Mind Games, Flattery

Scorpio in Love 

Scorpios intensity knows no limits, especially when it comes to their love life. They know what they want and how to get it. Though they can be jealous and moody, you'll love their devotion, loyalty and not to mention sexiness. 

If you're into bingeing mystery shows, dressing up for Halloween and reading horror novels, you've found your ideal partner in a Scorpio.

Scorpio with Friends and Family

If you're friend shares all of their deepest secrets with you, keeps yours locked in a volt and connects with you deeply and lovingly, they're likely a Scorpio.

They'll tell you the truth about any situation (whether you asked for it or not)  and their ability to know their emotional state, and yours, means they will be truly caring friends intent on making you happy.

Scorpio with Careers and Money

Scorpios are happiest in a career that's on their own terms. It's less about the specific job and more about maintaining control over their day-to-day. They also need time and space to be creative.

When it comes to their relationship with money, it's complicated… They're smart so they make money easily but their love of the better things in life means it's spent very easily.  

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